Blank Flaps

While we do fantastic work with custom mud flap creation, we wanted to highlight a different aspect of our mudflap sales: blank mud flaps! We carry a selection of stock flaps in varying colors and finish – sometimes you may want some variety of flaps without needing heavy customization.

Our blank poly flaps come in a variety of colors with a smooth finish. When the flap is being high-temp molded, the color dye is mixed directly into the polymer blend, so regardless of the wear and tear that these receive, the color will never wear off. That color blended finish still allows a softer, more flexible performance then a lot of other color-finish blank flaps.

These have a smooth finish and are actually the same flaps that we use as a base for our poly-blend flaps we custom order through our manufacturers. OF course they also have a lower price point as they don’t have any custom machining pricing and are already ready for purchase, no extra work necessary. Mounting holes are already included and the flaps come in standard 24″x30″ sizing.

We have a good selection of these on hand- we can also produce large orders through our suppliers. So whether you’re looking for an extra set of colorful flaps or need a full collection to match your branded fleet colors, we have quality flaps to meet your needs in our online store!

We carry a mid grade poly flap with rubs running parallel down the back of the tread. These are available in black and are purpose built- the ribbing on the back of the flap increases durability as well as deflecting some of the water that can be kicked up by the back tires in wet or storming conditions. These 3/8″ flaps mount exactly the same as standard flaps despite their greater capabilities.

They make an excellent compromise between standard flaps and more complex purpose-built weather and wetness handling solutions. With these you can give water deflection capability to your fleet without committing to the increased cost of specialized flaps- perfect for scaling a smaller fleet for demanding routes and weather. As with all weather and wetness deflecting flaps, they make a great addition during the spring or winter where weather conditions are commonly wet and unreliable.

We also carry some high quality poly flaps with a specialized water deflecting back. This artificial turf backing captures and deflects upwards of 70% of water spray during road travel under wet conditions. This greatly minimizes the amount of splash that occurs during tire travel, including splash-back back into tire path- a great benefit for truck performance and consideration of other drivers. This variant comes in white or black colored poly finish – the backing artificial turf is always black.

We’re proud to carry some high quality options for customers who aren’t needing heavily customized flaps but still need high performance head turning flaps for their truck or fleet.

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