Cargo Ease Cargo Locker

Winter weather will arrive in due time. How do you keep your tools and cargo for your truck or van organized and clean? If you have an organization system, can you place more cargo on top of it? Keep your tools and cargo safe and organized without sacrificing cargo space in your vehicle with the Cargo Ease Cargo Locker!

Cargo Ease Cargo Lockers are Composite & Aluminium truck bed mounted cargo systems. With a top platform capable of holding additional cargo, the locker has multiple cargo drawers which slide out for easy access. These can hold upwards of 600 lbs of equipment per drawer- even at full extension. Total weight capacity between drawers and top deck is 2000 lbs! The drawers are tracked on ball bearings which are stress tested to 150% operating weight. Their interiors are lined with stain and mildew resistant synthetic felt finishes.

The exterior of the locker is a slip resistant and the drawers have turn-key latch-locks to keep water and weather out. Standard load-out is one long and one wide drawer. Secure locked dividers are available for further customization. The top Deck side rails fold away in case you need to maximize your top deck cargo space. Installation can be completed with basic hand tools, i.e. standard wrenches and hand drills. The Cargo Ease Cargo Locker is light enough to be lifted into mounting position by 2 to 3 people. Reliable and cost effective, the Cargo Ease Cargo Locker is available in our store!


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