Hard Hat Lights: Safe Lighting for Safe Working

Do you need better portable lighting solutions for low-light work conditions? Do you need hard hat lighting without spending hundreds more replacing all of your current equipment? Here at Truckersmall.com you can solve both problems with the affordable Vision 1 Hard Hat Light!

This hard hat light is band adjustable to fit any size and manufacture of hard hat- No need to replace your entire inventory of existing safety equipment! Closed construction allows waterproof operation with up to 15 feet of submersion. The minimal amounts of heat generated from the LED are kept in the system to warm the battery power supply, improving function and reliability in extreme cold-weather conditions. Large push button on/off can be operated with heavy gloves and the tilt knob can adjust the facing angle of the hard hat light when in use. The Vision 1 can also be used as a removable work light when large spot lights or work lights are unavailable or too bulky to bring along. The band is sturdy yet soft enough to be work over nearly any article of clothing and can even be worn directly on your person if needed.

The Vision 1 works off of three AAA batteries (included) with a long 13-17 hr battery life depending on the light mode used. These affordable and reliable lights are currently available in our store!

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