It’s that time again!

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For those of us already hunkered down with our cache of gifts and snacks- congrats! You made it, you unicorns of forethought and responsibility! For the rest of us, it’s time to don our riot gear and wade into that most unforgiving of circumstances- last minute holiday shopping.

Even if retail purgatory isn’t part of your festivities, you can look forward to a slightly more personable vibe out and about while people dreamily wait down their last work day before the holiday (unless they’re inhumanly lucky enough to have the day off) and relax a bit, knowing that a vast majority of the economy is readying for a break to focus on things other then money for once.

We’ll be closing down early this evening to observe the myriad of holidays and important dates all milling about this time of year- regardless of background, culture, opinions or location, we wish every one a great holiday with friends and loved ones!

We’ll all be returning worn out and bloated from the rush and the food on Wednesday where we’ll be releasing some deals and promoting some seasonal products before the end of the year! We’re integrated on a few social media sites, so whether on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, keep an eye out for great deals and products coming up, and as always, keep up with our news here on the Blog!

Have a great few days everyone!