IAS Trucker Ladders

Need Safety Ladders for your trucks? But you’re not sure which of the many types will work? We’ve expanded our stock of IAS Trucker Ladders which combine rugged, reliable construction with compact storage size. They are compatibile for most truck and trailer types!

The ANSI tested, OSHA approved Trucker Trailer Ladder is designed to assure the user has (3) points of contact at all times during use. The steps are slip resistant and are 1 Piece Construction. With no pads or covers that can slip or degrade. The Trucker Ladder will mount in the stake pockets or on the rub rail of nearly any flatbed trailer. Steel mounting brackets are also available as an accessory to enable more mounting options.

The Trucker Trailer Ladder is pivot mounted on it’s install braces. This allows the entire ladder to fold up and lock securely during travel. Almost all variants are less then 30 pounds and are of aluminum construction. These heavy duty ladders are ANSI rated to a load weight of 375 pounds.They also have been tested for weights well above!

We carry a variety in our store– including 2, 3 and 4 step variants These have several width versions and powder coating options! Our brackets and mounts can be added to any trailer or large vehicle. They provide nearly unlimited mounting options. While commonly used for trucking, these ladders can bracket mounted to large equipment for industrial and farm use! Ladders can be customized for special orders- longer handles, specific powder coats and different mounts have all been produced before by working with our talented staff and manufacturers. All variants are 100% lightweight yet durable aluminum and most weigh less then 30 pounds.

As always, we are striving to provide more relevant products and services for your trucking needs. Watch our online store. Keep up to date with our new products, specials and features here in the blog at Truckersmall.com!