Lug Check™ Lug Nut Cover

Every trucking company knows that lug nut maintenance and alignment is key for a safe fleet. How do you protect lug nuts as well as check their alignment without the usual time investment? With Lug Check™ Lug Nut Cover w/ indicator you can do both and shorten your maintenance check time.

The lug nut covers themselves are solidly built and durable chrome-plated ABS with internal ABS inserts to fit any standard size lug nuts. As expected, these extend the life of the covered lug nuts by adding an extra level of absorption to incoming force or vibrations from the road.

However, the clever part is the included alignment indicator. When attaching the cover, the indicator will clearly point out it’s initial orientation. As long as the indicator maintains that orientation, confirming lug nut tightness can be done at a glance. Additionally, a lug nut loosening will be visually obvious because of the changed orientation of the indicator.

The covers take a usually time consuming process and make it much simpler- increasing the range of personnel able to do lug nut safety checks and removing the need for equipment from a service station. These great truck safety accessories are available in our store at a great price and can save a lot of time- specially for large fleets! We also carry the covers or indicators separately for those needing replacement parts!

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