Payment Options Expanded!

Here at Trucker’s Mall we’ve been diligently adding new products to our store for online purchase. We partnered with PayPal early on due to their great service and security record. Previously, a PayPal account was required- no longer!

Going forward, purchases no longer require a PayPal account. This gives the flexibility of a direct-to-store debit/credit purchase with the reliability and peace of mind commanded by the PayPal brand. As all of our payments are handled through PayPal, we are able to utilize all of their great online purchase tools such as secure payment handling, fraud / virus protection as well as trackable purchases and sales that make alterations or refunds a simple matter. Customer purchases are safe and secure thanks to PayPal’s expertise while now offering non-members easy payment options available through our online store!

This update comes at a great time- with the upcoming holiday season, we are excited to have extended payment options through PayPal as we are beginning to stock great gift ideas for this winter and holiday season! Sales, deals and special products are all being considered- keep up to date with these great developments as soon as they happen by reading the blog here on