////Siberian Express® PRO 12-Volt 152 Decibels Air Horn

Siberian Express® PRO 12-Volt 152 Decibels Air Horn


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SIBERIAN EXPRESS PRO is engineered with the latest technology using reinforced ABS plastic; the sound produced by the three trumpets is incredible! Using reinforced ABS plastic significantly decreases the overall weight of the horn. The reduced weight makes installation easier, ensures less vibration and eliminates the need for extra support brackets to prevent damage to the horn when driving on rough roads. The trumpets are finished with an attractive semi gloss black finish and the steel-mounting base is painted silver to help prevent rusting. Wolo is the originator of the ABS plastic train horn SIBERIAN EXPRESS; so don’t settle for cheap imitations. SIBERIAN EXPRESS PRO comes with a built-in heavy-duty 12-volt electric solenoid.

The on-board air system provided is designed to produce a large volume of high-pressure air to power the SIBERIAN EXPRESS PRO TRAIN HORN and includes everything necessary for a professional installation. The compressor has a heavy-duty 12-volt motor that is balanced to precision. There are 4 heavy rubber bushings mounted into the compressor base plate to virtually eliminate vibration. For surface mounting of the compressor, there is an extended length stainless steel high-pressure hose that connects the compressor to the 2.5-gallon metal air storage tank. Other features of the SIBERIAN EXPRESS PRO includes; the tank has a built-in pressure switch, manual water drain, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and brass fittings. Kit also comes with mounting hardware, 10 ft. of flexible high-pressure hose and 20 ft. coiled filler hose with quality brass fittings


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