Truck Stack Hats

With the onslaught of winter just beginning, how do you keep your truck exhaust stacks clear from weather and debris so you can minimize wear on your trucks’ exhaust (and by proxy, engine) components? With Stack Hats!

Stack Hats are durable polymer ‘hats’ that nestle on the top end of your trucks’ exhaust stacks. They are heat (exhaust stacks channel exhaust heat) and weather (hot or cold plus rain and snow) resistant, The air flow is on the underside of the stack overhang, keeping out rain and snow to keep your exhaust stacks clear and operating at top efficiency.



Even better, installation is simple and can be done on ground level with the included install tool- easily reaching out to the top of most stacks and allowing a single worker to efficiently outfit a truck for rain/snow and other similar bad weather conditions.

Hats are available for 5″ and 6″ stacks and will fit most exhaust stacks (Does NOT fit Peterbilt and Freightliner OEM curved top stacks. WILL fit aftermarket curved top stacks.) 7″ stack hats are in development. At our store price, extra security and efficiency of your exhaust during inclement weather is quite the deal!

Buy early on in the season to save your truck from the extra wear and debris this season will no doubt bring!

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