We have custom mud flap materials, designs and styles to fit any budget and application!

Now is the time to order, to beat the price increases due to rising fuel costs! We care several varieties of materials including a flexible rubber/poly blend that will bend but not roll up. We also have polyethylene flaps. Each material variation has myriad of uses and applications, with differing pricing and customization options available. We also carry a variety of mud flap accessories and weights!

Please select your desired material or category to begin.

Flaps are available in Black Rubber (PolyFlex Rubber), as well as Black Poly and White Poly. Personalize and customize your mud flaps with our Helvetica Bold type font dies (simple bold text) and Arial Bold type font for text and numbers. We can economically put custom text on as few as just one pair of flaps.

This is the best constructed and most effective anti-spray flap in the transportation industry. The artificial grass surface captures road spray and channels the water downward.

Enhance your truck’s appearance with a Custom Reflective Design permanently bonded to your mud flaps! Custom Reflective is a unique patented process in which custom reflective logos are permanently heat-sealed onto mud flaps.

Screen Print works for designs that cannot be hot stamped. We create a custom screen/s of your logo and spray ink through the screens to create your logo on the poly flaps.

House Lettering

WeatherTech® MudFlaps are custom fit and protect your vehicle’s fenders and exterior from rocks, mud, road grime and other debris picked up by your vehicle’s wheels. No drilling required and installs in minutes.

Rochling Mud Flaps

Mudflap Reference

Sizing Options
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Artwork and Designs

Our experienced art team is capable of recreating nearly any logo, artwork or custom text for mudflap orders

Once reference images are supplied, we will develop custom files for printing that recreate supplied designs

This costs $45 per hour- dependent on the complexity of the design. Artwork recreation is a one time cost

  • If you have any questions up front, please give us a call and we can explain what types of artwork we will charge for
  • Whether it is for examples or actual final artwork with your design
  • Unless there are needed changes to the print design, artwork recreation is a one time cost
  • Subsequent orders using the same artwork will only be billed for product cost and shipping
  • A copy of artwork files will be retained by Truckersmall.com for ease of order processing
  • By preparing artwork and designs, TruckersMall.com and employees thereof, assume no responsibility for non-compliance with local, state or federal laws and regulations, or for conflict with the rights of third parties in connection with copyrights, trademarks, designs, labels or unfair competition
  • Simply put, customers are legally responsible for what is produced on custom mud flaps and any legal effects of such
  • Any problems with artwork, typos or spelling on custom designs must be brought to our attention within 30 days of receiving of custom products
  • It is the customers responsibility after that time

Shipping Quotes

Due to the price of petroleum, shipping quotes on mud flap bids are subject to change if decision time takes over 7 days. After 7 days, we reserve the right to requote shipping on our bids. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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Mud Flap Ordering

Below we have options and sizing to help you. With these you can better decide what type of flaps you need for your trucking operations.

Quantity This will help us determine which process or processes we can do the mud flaps in. Some processes require a 25 pair minimum.

Size We have the standard sizes or we can make custom sizes to fit your application. Prices will depend on size and thickness of flaps.

Material We have rubber poly blend flaps and polyethylene flaps.

  • Polyethylene 24” x 24”, 24” x 30” and 24” x 36” with thicknesses of 3/16”, 1⁄4” and 3/8”
    • Screen Print / Hot Stamp
  • Rubber 24” x 24”, 24” x 30” and 24” x 36” with thicknesses of 1⁄4”, 3/8” and 1⁄2”
    • Hot Stamp / Reflective

Artwork We need to see artwork, picture or sketch to determine which process will work best for your situation.

Contact Info We also need any additional information such as Town, Phone #, etc.

Color Charts are posted on each subtype page to ensure correct color availability per mud flap type.

Process Types Color and material types available are listed on each subtype page

  • Hot stamping is a durable process that heat and pressure bonds foil to the flap. We can create custom dies that we place in the press to stamp your logo onto flaps.
    • Minimum order of 25 pair
    • Rubber or Poly Flaps
  • Screen Print lets us do some designs that cannot be hot stamped. We create custom screens of your logo and spray ink through the screens to create your logo on the poly flaps.
    • Minimum order of 25 pair
    • Poly Flaps only
  • The Reflective Foil process can be done in as few as one pair. We have to see artwork and know colors for this process. They are priced according to the square inches of foil material used, so we need to have a close idea to price out properly.

House Lettering We have 4”, 3” and 2” letter and 2” numbers in  Arial  font. Lines can only be straight across. NO ARCHES. (this is the same process as the custom hot stamping except there are no setup charges)