TurboFlare LED Flares

Here at truckersmall.com we are featuring another mainstay product with the TurboFlare LED battery powered Flare! These flares are a lightweight, cost-effective and reliable emergency lighting solution for your trucking needs. Best of all these are reusable and safe to handle as they generate no heat and do not rely on any combustible fuel source!

The TurboFlare™ Emergency Road Flares have no moving parts and utilize ultra bright LEDs that last up to 100,000 hours. They are the Strongest, Safest, Smartest, Brightest 24 Hour Electronic Emergency Road Flare!  All TurboFlare™ Products are Rohas Compliant (lead free), Weatherproof and Safe for the Environment. They are USDOT Approved and have been rated as the best available LED emergency light by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services in 2005.

These flares are of great use in low-light and inclement weather situations, including temporary marking of shipment drop locations, emergency-stop warning lights and even improvised helicopter landing zone markers. They are small, light and cost effective enough to be used for individual purposes such as bike visibility lights or emergency signal flares for campers. These flares are available directly from our store– currently with special pricing as of Oct/Nov 2018!

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